Skype add video call recording feature with options to save and share in new update

Finally, Skype introduced its long-anticipated video call recording feature with an option to share and save their video calls.

This new update is coming in the last quarter of 2018 and is being rolled out to most platform except for Windows 10 which we expect to be made available within the next few weeks.

Skype video call recording feature

Mind you there’s a bit different from the way video call recording works on skype and what you’d expect. When you start to record video call, everyone is notified that the call is being recorded.

How to Start Video Recording on Skype

To start call recording on the desktop, Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click the ‘+’ sign, then select Start recording.

To start call recording on mobile phones. Simply click on the sign and then tap  Start recording.

How to Save Skype Call Recording

To save Skype Video call on the desktop, Simply go to your chat and select More -> Save to Downloads to save to your downloads folder.

On mobile, Simple just select and hold the recorded call in the chat for some secs till the menu comes and tap. On both mobile and desktop, the recording will be saved as an MP4 file.

As a matter of fact, users can now save or share the recorded call for the next 30 days.

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