WhatsApp Latest Update Features Dark Mode, Swipe to Reply and lots more

The latest coming from WhatsApp newsroom is the new update, first of its kind to feature Dark Mode, and Swipe to Reply, This soon to be release update will help reduce strain on user’s eyes while using WhatsApp at night.

WhatsApp Dark Mode & Swipe to Reply, How it works..

WhatsApp Update Features Dark Mode, Swipe to Reply and lots more

Swipe to Reply:

This update is already available for iPhone users, While we expect it to hit Android anytime soon! With this, you can now quickly reply to a message using a swipe right gesture. In other words, It means the conventional way of replying to a message ( tap and holds the message to get the Reply button) will no longer be required.

Dark Mode:

WhatsApp Dark Mode for both iOS and Android is expected in from next update, Which means the next prompt from play store to upgrade yours will come with this feature. However, there’s no exact timeline for the Dark Mode to roll-out

The upcoming dark mode feature will also help reduce battery consumption on phones that have OLED displays.

Expandable Group Participants List

When there are more than 10 participants, WhatsApp shows a More button that will present the full group participants list. This is already enabled in the update.

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