13 Video Marketing Stats & Trends Shaking Up Content Strategies Today

13 Video Marketing Stats & Trends Shaking Up Content Strategies Today

Engaging and entertaining video content is everywhere these days. Get on Facebook, and you will find some of the most compelling stories. Then there’s YouTube providing Virtual Reality and Live streams too.

Videos are literally everywhere! They are not just flooding people’s social media feeds but are even projected on buildings, not to mention the interesting video blogs. And there’s nothing bad about this video trend!

With more and more marketing professionals implementing online videos in their marketing plans, it has become more than necessary for businesses to understand the status of visual content this 2021.

Video marketing is the secret weapon for marketers, especially in these difficult times where it has become necessary for businesses to reaffirm their brand message. This will be the right time to go through 13 video marketing stats and trends if you are looking to boost conversion rates and ranking through video marketing.

Buckle up. Here are the video marketing trends and statistics that are sure to shake up your content strategies.

  1. Brands Should Embrace Video Marketing before Being Left Behind

Of course, videos are changing the way B2B promotions are done. Video content has huge potential, and brands can start using the same in their marketing mix in a number of ways. It is all about rethinking visual matter for a while and putting in money into tapping new scopes and plans for bringing videos to life.

  1. Videos Are Taking Over Very Fast
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Videos are taking over very fast, with more and more visual content flooding the online spaces used by individuals. There are not just more and more individuals watching videos online, but there has also been a dramatic increase in the traffic percentage brought about by video content.

This means that videos are actually making up a huge percentage of what individuals do and see on the internet. As per reports, people, on average, watch approximately 16 hours of visual content every week. This comes to around a 52% increase in the last couple of years.

  1. What Do the Consumers Want to See?

With an increase in competition for consumer attention and views, it has become necessary to understand what consumers are on the lookout for. Recent studies show that 48% of the individuals want videos to understand more about the products and services they have an interest in.

Another 43% want videos from brands to be interactive and informative, allowing them to make the right decision.

  1. Cross-Promote Videos on All Major Platforms

With social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram dominating the video space, it has become essential for brands to cross-promote their marketing videos on all these platforms and even on the other smaller platforms.

On YouTube alone, there are over 81 million videos available for the viewers to watch. This shows the fierce competition existing online.

  1. Video Campaigns Are Highly Successful

Reports have found that marketers employing video marketing plans grow their business revenues 49% faster than those that do not. This proof is enough to show that video marketing campaigns are successful and they work.

  1. Videos Are Engaging
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People process videos 60000 times faster in comparison to text. That’s because humans are visual learners, and videos make way for successful promotional campaigns because they engage the viewers.

Using a good online video editor can help you create fantastic marketing videos that will attract more customers in the longer run and help to engage people. 

  1. What about Global Video Consumption?

As per estimates, 85% of online users watch visual content on a monthly basis on almost all devices. This again highlights the popularity of visual content. It is also important to note that 25 to 34-year-old individuals watch the majority of online videos.

Then there are adult males spending 40% more time watching online videos than females. Speaking of world video views, top viewers exist in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, where 95% of the online users watch videos monthly.

  1. Videos Educate the Viewers

Videos are one of the best educational tools businesses can use for informing the viewers more about their products and services. According to reports, people watching videos online retain 95% of the information contained within videos, and that’s really huge!

Other studies put down that the effective use of video marketing matter increased brand recognition by 54%.

  1. Internet Traffic and Video Content Go Hand in Hand

With more and more people watching videos on a regular basis, the traffic percentage derived from videos is climbing every day. It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of the world’s online traffic will be coming from video downloads and views.

  1. Videos Are Effective in Generating Leads

An increase in brand awareness, value, and engagement amongst the viewers positively influence the potential customers of the businesses. Hitting these 3 criteria successfully can help businesses in reaching great heights of success with content marketing.

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More than 80% of marketers generate more leads from top-quality video content.

  1. Mobile Video and Its Significance

If you go by the reports, the rate of individuals watching videos on their smartphones increases by 100% every year. This ever-increasing rate leads to more competition, and thus businesses get more into using videos for attracting customers.

  1. Mobile Devices Have Changed the Way People Use Videos

Approximately 61% of online users access the internet through their mobile devices. Out of this, they spend around half of their time watching videos and browsing social media sites.

Hence, it has become more than important for video marketers to optimize their videos to mobile devices. Regardless of which online video editor they use for creating videos, marketers must ensure their products and services are viewed in the very best perspective by optimizing them for mobile devices.

  1. Video Is Widespread

As per statistics, the vast majority of marketers use videos as part of their marketing plans. Experts guarantee that the brands posting more than 10 videos on different social media platforms will definitely witness an increase in their buyers.

To Conclude

Always remember the hot distribution channels and growth hacks keep changing constantly. Hence, as a marketing professional, you need to be persistent and consistent. Success with video marketing will not happen overnight. You will have to put in a good time. And yes, you also require the right strategy.

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