Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

Marine transportation accounts for the conveyance of 80 to 90% of the world’s trade. It’s safe to say that any type of goods can be comfortably conveyed through the sea. Marine transportation conveys billions of tons of containers that include solid and liquid bulk goods across the ocean every year.

The marine transport system is a diversified one as it has various jobs available. It’s not necessarily true that you must be moving across the sea as a worker since there are land-based jobs in marine transportation. Your job might be concerned with working on ship engines or working on decks.

If you have an interest in knowing how the marine transport business works or you want to try out a career path in the marine transport line, then you are obviously at the right place. In this article, I would go into detail on the best-paying jobs available in marine transportation.

Some of the Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Marine Transportation

If you have plans of pursuing a career in marine transport and you are confused about the prospects of the job and the benefits you stand to gain working in marine transportation, then you should check below. There are various benefits accrued to pursuing a career in marine transportation; the pay is good, it gives room for adventures and a lot of other advantages that would be discussed below.

Prolonged Holidays

Since most people who pursue a career in marine transportation end up leaving home for a long time, due to the nature of their jobs, they are made up for that by granting them a long holiday that might span up to 3 to 4 months in a year. So, this line of work looks out for their workers and gives them a long time to spend with their loved ones.

Good Salary

It’s safe to say that those pursuing a career in marine transportation are one of the best-paid and rated workers in the world. Almost all the workers earn above average. The good thing is, their salaries are in most cases, tax-free; which allows you to have savings and attain any of your financial plans without being hampered in any way.

Also, while away at work, most of your living expenses like food and housing are on them and since your line of work is mostly away from urban life, you won’t be pushed to go shopping, this gives you a shot at saving. Those pursuing a career in marine transportation are well-paid and due to the nature of the job, it also offers you the chance to save.

Impressive Work Life

Pursuing a career in marine transportation helps you contribute your quota to the world’s fast-paced trade and transportation system. The impact of your work, no matter how little, contributes to the rise of complex global trade. The marine transportation system conveys around 90% of the world’s trade, so evidently, your impact would be felt as a worker since you contribute to the everyday running of the ships.

Best-Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

Seeking a line of job in marine transportation that is amongst the best-paying jobs available, you are at the right place; simply check out below. The marine transportation system is a lucrative career path as it’s responsible for transporting about 80 to 90% of the world’s trade: both solid and liquid bulk goods. So, naturally, marine transportation pays well. However, there are some jobs in marine transportation that rank high amongst the good-paying jobs in the career path. Here are some of the best-paying jobs in marine transportation:

Marine Surveyor

A marine surveyor earns an average of $42,000 to $85,000, every year, depending on your level of experience and expertise. This line of work is always in constant demand of workers.

The job of a marine surveyor is to survey cargo loading and unloading aboard ships. They then transmit their observation to the owners of the ship and managers. Equally, they formulate inspection reports and inspect every part of the ship to make sure they are in good condition for sailing across the sea. It’s safe to say that a marine surveyor plays a very important role in the day-to-day operations of a vessel. 

Port Captain

A port engineer earns an average of $112,250 every year. This goes a long way to show you how lucrative and important this line of work is. The primary function of a port engineer is to ensure every marine safety rule is followed to the last. You also need to make sure that the staff are qualified and fit their line of a job well, they ensure that the captains carry out their duties well and that the equipment on board is the right one. A port engineer inspects every area of a ship to ensure that it is safe for sailing.

Ship Superintendent

A ship superintendent earns an average of $67,000, every year. Your primary role as a ship superintendent is to assess and manage a repair project at the dockyard or the shipyard. As a ship superintendent, you are accountable for the condition of the ship, so you have to decide what type of repairs are needed, and the needed budget, and ensure that the repair moves smoothly and in line with the mapped-out plan.

You would always check the condition of the ship and then report your findings on how seaworthy it’s. This line of job is one of the best-paid in the marine transportation career path.

Port Engineers

This is one of the best-paying jobs in marine transportation. A port engineer earns an average of $70,500, every year.

The primary function of a port engineer is to take on the technical aspect of a port’s conveyance and infrastructure. You are to ensure that the technical job meets the safety regulations and the rules of maritime. You might also be charged to make maintenance budgets that would lessen the cost and while at it, improve the performance of port procedures. As a port engineer, you are to supervise the maintenance and repair of the ship.

Able Seaman

You mostly see able seamen on a ship’s dock, where they help other crew members. They reserve the right to stop work if they spot an abnormality. The average salary of an able seaman is $53,000, every year. The salary shows you how well-paid able seamen are when compared to some other marine transportation jobs.

The primary function of a seaman is to control the ship as the helmsman, do sanitation and maintenance, and ensure security measures are enforced. Also, they run the deck’s machinery and utilize emergency equipment.

Marine Mechanics

The primary function of a marine mechanic is to take care of and repair motorboats and other watercraft. They troubleshoot, recognize, solve issues, and understand how mechanics work as their primary job. A marine mechanic earns an average of $52,000, every year.

Marine Service Manager

A marine service manager makes suggestions to the ship owners or superiors when there is a need for repair or to enhance overall safety performance. To make this work, you would need to work hand-in-hand with tradespeople to turn it into fruition.

To work as a marine service manager, you need to familiarize yourself with the commercial fishing category or commercial regulations. The average salary of a marine service engineer is $62,000, every year.


Working as a deckhand implies that you should be physically fit and aware to function in this capacity as it requires physical exertion. You would be on your toes for almost 24 hours, lifting things for guests, cleaning, and engaging in other activities.

If you love physically demanding jobs and using your hand while at them, then you should give this job a trial. To make up for the stressful nature of this job, deckhands are well-paid.

Ship Captain

Ship captains naturally are one of the best-paid workers in marine transportation. This is because their line of work serves as the core factor in the day-to-day operations of a ship. A ship captain earns an average of $67,000, every year.

They make sure that a ship is properly navigated through the water bodies. Some of the vessels controlled by sea captains include cruise liners, tugboats, barges, and ferries. Before a ship captain sails off, he or she ensures the vessel is in good condition and there are no existing problems whatsoever.

Also, they give directions to their crew, introduce ships’ paths, and also, they control cargo and passenger loading and unloading. Ship captains also document their sailing process the course, speed, and other important details.

Final Thoughts

There are various jobs available in marine transportation. The good thing is, the jobs are well-paying and are one of the world’s rated career paths. Marine transportation accounts for the transportation of 80 to 90% of the world’s trade conveyance, so you can see the contribution of every job under marine transportation, as they contribute actively to global trade through their quota.

In search of the best-paying jobs available in marine transportation, you are at the right place as I made a conscious effort to go into details on the best-paying jobs in marine transportation.

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