How To Hide Apps on Iphone

Have you ever wondered how your friend could hide their applications on their iPhones? We all know that IOS devices don’t have any feature that enables users to hide their applications, making it hard for them to hide sensitive applications. Sometimes you might need to hide these sensitive applications on your iPhone, and what would you do in such scenarios?

The Cloak app is available to iPhone users, enabling them to hide their applications on their IOS devices. It does it in such a way that even if you check your home screen, app library or settings, you won’t find any trace that such an app was ever installed on your iPhone. The best thing about this application is that despite its many features, it still comes with a smaller file size. It has a free and premium version. The free version allows you to hide only a maximum of three applications, while the premium version gives you an unlimited number.

Safe Zones and Restrict Zones

It has a feature called “Safe Zone”, and what it does is to enable you to hide selected applications when you leave a location. It also has a “Restrict Zones” feature, which allows applications to be automatically restricted upon entering designated locations.


This application also allows you to set an unlock password that will be used to access the hidden applications. It also has an incognito password, which will open the notepad when keyed in. It is very useful when you are forced to unlock this application against your own will. The “Incognito Password” feature is only available to premium users.


It has a “Schedule” feature which allows you to restrict or restore selected applications during specific times of the day.


This feature allows you to restrict or restore your selected apps for a fixed duration.

Now you have it; an app that can give you that privacy you wish for.

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