How to Send Whatsapp Message Without Saving the Number

Previously, to send a WhatsApp message to someone who wasn’t on your contact list, you would need to save the person’s number first before being able to chat with the person on WhatsApp and for people like me, we know how stressful it looks saving a new contact just to be able to send message to someone especially if it isn’t a chat that you would want to keep. Well, there is a trick on how to send WhatsApp message to unknown number.

First, copy the number you want to chat with to your clipboard, open your WhatsApp, and tap the “New Message” icon.

Under the “Contacts on WhatsApp” section, you will see the “Message yourself” option. Click on your phone number there so it will open a new conversation screen where you can easily paste the number which you copied earlier.

Tap on the number. You will be presented with three options, and from there, click “Chat with [the phone number]”, which will open a conversation chat screen with that new number.

Now you can chat with anyone on WhatsApp without saving the number.

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