Is Homebuilding a Good Career Path?

Yes, home building is a very good career path and it’s a very lucrative line of job. Home-building careers sit high on the list of careers that are always required. Even during the bad days, the services of a home building professional are always required.

The good thing is that the professions under the home building aren’t limited to just building alone. They can always stick their way into other lines of jobs when required. This implies that professions under home building never lack opportunities and well-paying jobs.

Many of the professions under home building require one to work with their hands and this is naturally loved by many. Do you have plans of towing the home building path as a career and you are fixed in indecision on whether it’s worth the effort? Stick around, I would go into details about all you need to know about home building as a career path.

Some of the Highest Paying Jobs in Home Building

Home building as a career path is an attractive and well-sought-after line of jobs. The job gives you options and the salary is very high, depending on your specialization. For a well-rounded knowledge about building as a career path, here are some of the best-paying jobs available in the career path:

Project Manager

The primary function of a project manager is to oversee the entire project. This includes the building, execution, planning, and actualization of the project. Their key job is to ensure the project rhymes perfectly with the expectation of the individual or firm. They also ensure they give the best job while in line with the budget planned out for the project. They ensure the project goes just as planned without being hampered along the line.

If you pay attention to the tiniest of details and you can work on several tasks when necessary, then this line of work might be your strong fort. The good thing is, working as a project manager doesn’t restrict you to only home building, you can perform in various capacities within the industry. The average salary of a project manager is $96,000, every year.


These professionals are the backbones of different building projects around the world. This line of work needs technical skills as the project drawings are done and completed according to computer programs and not just the basic knowledge of construction.

As an architect, you are to have a clear and concise understanding of the building, designs, materials, and the cost of materials, so you can fit into the budget required for the building during the sketch. The annual salary of an architect is $90,000 every year.

Construction Supervisor

Construction supervisors have direct dealings with vendors and subcontractors. They ensure that every safety regulation required for the project is carried out to the last and they also monitor the activities of workers and the equipment used.

They also document the working process and report back to stakeholders to know the next step to be taken. The annual salary of a construction supervisor is $87,000.

Architectural Engineer

Unlike the architects, their fort is more on the implementation than the designing. Their line of job ensures that they examine if the project at hand meets every safety rule made available. They also ensure that with the available budget and materials, the projects are made possible. The annual salary of an architectural engineer is $96,000, every year.

Real Estate Developer

These homebuilders work hand-in-hand with architects, the head of the construction team, and the local government. Their primary function is to buy land and come up with an overall idea of how to go about the project. This line of work requires communication with others and close relationships with local authorities.

The line of job and expectancy is too broad and herculean for just an individual. The annual salary of a real estate developer is $78,000, every year.

Plans Examiner

These professionals ensure that the project under construction is in tandem with the zonal ordinance and local rules. This involves going through a series of paperwork and plans to ensure they meet the requirements. The average salary of a plan examiner is $60,000, every year.

Space Planner

Space planners are skilled in knowing the required space for a project in some circumstances. The use of space planners can be quite complicated and they are highly necessary since space planning can be a complicated situation. Space planners can also help with the design and the knowledge of how much space a given system might take up. This is very necessary during construction to avoid miscalculations. The average salary of a space planner is $68,000, every year.

Entry-Level Jobs in Home Building

Home building as a career path generally seeks the services of experienced professionals. However, there are entry-level jobs you can get hired for even with little or no knowledge in some of the fields of homebuilding. With these opportunities, you won’t worry about completing an internship before being eligible for jobs. The good thing is, some of the jobs offer on-the-job training over time. Here are some entry-level jobs in home building you can opt for with little or no experience:


The primary function of a carpenter is to cut out wood, measure, and know the right wood to use in a given circumstance. Naturally, carpentry requires physical labor, so if you have plans of working as a carpenter, you won’t have to be one who shies away from physical exertion.

Carpenters build shelves, decks, and some important parts of a building. The average salary of a carpenter is $40,000 every year.

Architectural Drafter

As an architectural drafter, your line of work entails you turning rough works and sketches into full-blown drawings. To function in this capacity you need to have knowledge of architectural designs. They create technical drawings and help architects by filling in a rough sketch for a project. It’s important you know they can engage in just any project, they are not limited to just a house. The average salary of an architectural drafter is $49,000 every year.


To work as a plumber, you must be authorized and must be trained through a vocational or undergo internship. This line of work can be a lonely one as you would spend long hours in crawl spaces, basements, and other parts of the house where there are barely human activities.

This line of work is very important, as it stands as one of the important necessities of home building and any mistake on the part of the plumber can prove disastrous. The average salary of a plumber is $54,000, every year.


This line of work is physically demanding and to function fully, you shouldn’t be one who shy away from physical labor. You would have to be well-trained and also be knowledgeable about the use of the different tools in your disposal as a mason.

You are to work with mortar and various types of blocks during the construction process. The average salary of a mason is $43,000, every year.


Just like the name sounds, painters are skilled in the various types of paints and painting tools. Some of these tools include brushes, rollers, painters tapes, and other needed tools. You have to be physically fit and aware to work as a painter as it involves a lot of reaching over and long hours on a ladder while painting. The average salary of a painter is $34,000, every year.


As the name indicates, roofers place roofs over the building. Working as a roofer involves you staying long working hours placing the roof over the building. You also need to have a good knowledge of various materials and tools and how to put them into good use. The average salary of a roofer is 35,000, every year.


This is unarguably one of the most important home building jobs. The job of an electrician is to maintain, install, and restore electrical systems in a building. This line of job requires continuous improvement and long years of work while at it because it requires skills. The average salary of an electrician is $53,000, every year.

Why You Should Choose a Career in Home Building

Though the home building industry can be quite complex; however, choosing a career path in home building opens the door to a wide variety of varieties for you. The jobs under home building are lucrative and the salaries are above average.

If you are one who loves working with a team and cherishes the idea of interacting with people, this line of work offers you the perfect opportunity for that as the jobs are mostly outdoor jobs.

If you love building and repairing things, then home building might be a big boon to your career path, as you would help in the construction, maintenance, and repair of various projects.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career path is one of the best decisions you would be making. The job is very attractive as it offers a good platform to interact with people and the pay is one of the best around the world as it’s above average. In this article, I made a comprehensive rundown of the benefits of choosing home building as a career option.

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