Is Hotels/Resorts a Good Career Path?

The hospitality industry is a good career path one would wish to tow. The good thing about this career path is that you are not limited in your career path since there are so many advancement prospects.

Depending on your experience and expertise, there are many jobs available In the hotel and resort career path that would suit your taste. Are you planning on forging a career path in the hotel and resort industry, but you are confused about whether it’s a good decision or what is in there for you? In this article, I would go into detail on the good career path available in hotels and resorts.

Best-Paying Jobs in Hotel and Resort Career Path

The hotel and resort career path is a promising one and the good thing also is that the industry pays well. Here are some of the best-paying jobs available in hotel and resort career paths:


This is one of the highest-paid jobs in the hospitality industry. The job of a housekeeper is in high demand in resorts and hotels. Housekeepers clean guest rooms. They also make sure the towels, clothes, and other materials are sparkling.

Hotel Management

Hotels and resorts generally hire the service of managers to oversee the services around the hotel and resort, then they are to report upwards to the general manager. These managers are well-paid.

Event Staff

Hotels hire the services of event staff who would be charged with the responsibility of the planning, executing, and booking special events like parties, weddings, reunions, and classes. At this event the staff is well-paid.

Back Office

Hotels and Resorts in some cases require the services of back office personnel like purchasing agents, accountants, marketing professionals, information technology workers, sales professionals, and other back office-oriented jobs.

The Required Skills and Qualities to Work in a Hotel/Resort

To work in a hotel or resort, there are several skills and qualities you would have to exhibit to work fully in this regard. The job can be a bit too demanding, so to meet up with the intricacies of the job, you have to have some needed qualities. Here are some of the required skills and qualities you would need to work in a hotel:

Communication Skill

To work in this capacity, you need to have good communication skills as you would require while communicating with customers on a day-to-day affair. You need to have good oral and written skills as the job entails you having contact with customers in most cases.

Working in Teams and Independently

To work under the hotel and resort career path, you need to be a team player. You have to have a good rapport with your fellow workers by communicating and flowing seamlessly with any good idea brought forward. This line of job implies working as a team in most cases; so to have a good career path, you need to be a good team player.

Also, you need to be an independent worker as there might arise situations where you might take up a task alone, so you should be one who can fare well as a team player and an independent player.

Emotional Intelligence

This line of work requires you to be emotionally mature and for you to make clear decisions no matter what the situation seems like. This way, you won’t be in constant loggerheads with your colleagues and customers.

Active Listening Skills

You are expected to provide the best services within your means to your guests and customers, this can only be achieved if you pay active attention to the needs of the customers and find ways to alleviate the need.

Why is Working in a Hotel or Resort a Good Career Path?

Working in a hotel or resort is a good career path. The benefits accrued to taking a career in this career path are immense; below, I would go into detail on why working in a hotel or resort is a good career path:


Working in the hotel or resort industry is a good career path as it gives you a shot at growth. Working in this capacity helps you build professional qualities like emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and other necessary skills.

Job Satisfaction

Working in the hospitality industry naturally gives you job satisfaction. If you are the type who has a flair for helping others and picking up social roles, then working in a hotel is one that would give you immense job satisfaction. You would always have the chance at attending to the needs of people while being paid.


This career path is laced with unlimited opportunities, as you get to meet new people, which serves as a common ground to network and seek new opportunities. The career path in itself is a hub of opportunities as there are prospects to grow along the line.


This line of work allows you to communicate and build a nice rapport with people from all walks of life. Notwithstanding their level, the job offers a level playground for you to interact and build friendships.

How to Get into a Career in Hotels and Resorts

This career path is an attractive one and naturally, has a large influx of people seeking to pursue a career in this path and you reading this might be interested in pursuing a career in this field too. If you have plans of pursuing a career in this path, here are some of the things to do to get into a career in this path:


Having a bachelor’s or associate’s degree would earn you a very good spot in the administration part of a hotel or resort. However, depending on the field you have plans of working in you might need to show a certification before you can work in that capacity.

You can also go for a hospitality-based scheme, with these programs you can fast-pace your path in the hotel and resort career path. All in all, you need to have a good education to land a good-paying job in the hotel and resort industry.

Work Experience

Hotels and resorts need people who are shrewd and well-versed in their job in the hospitality industry, it gives you a big shot at being hired by a potential employer. Though some employers don’t mind as they employ graduates into a front desk supervisor role, this is on few occasions, as in most cases they go for people who have more experience in the field, so they can deliver without going through the rigors of training them.

Some hotels offer internship programs for applicants with little or no experience, while some offer candidates with little experience in the entry-level jobs.


This is a very important aspect when working in hotels and resorts where you would be in constant contact with customers, you need to have good interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills. This helps in your interaction with colleagues and clients without being at loggerheads.

Pros of Choosing a Career Path in the Hotel and Resort Industry

Choosing a career path in the hospitality industry comes with lots of perks which include:

Opportunities to Advance and Travel

This is a line of work that allows you to meet new people, travel, see new places and exploit existing opportunities. You would have the opportunity to travel and if you are the type that loves traveling, then this is a big boon.

Also, you have a chance at advancement as the industry is one of the few that constantly promote worthy workers.

Job Satisfaction

If you are the type that loves helping people and making them happy, then the job allows you to achieve this as you would serve people in various capacities with the realization you are making their day.

Cons of Choosing a Career Path in the Hotel and Resort Industry

As much as there are various benefits to choosing a career path in the hotel and resort industry, you can’t still get rid of the disadvantages along the line of the service. Here are some of the cons of choosing a career path in the hotel and resort industry:

Long Hours of Work

Working in a hotel or resort can be very stressful as you tend to spend long hours at work. The job requires you to work even during weekends. Also, the jobs can be physically demanding.

Low Income

The jobs that were obtained with no academic qualifications pay very low incomes. So, coupled with the physically exerting nature of the job, some workers earn poor salaries.


Since the industry is always bustling with activities and demands, things move at a fast and uncontrolled pace. This requires you to make judgments as possible to suit the need of the required situation.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a career in the hotel and resort industry is one of the best decisions you might have taken, this is because the industry offers great opportunities for self-growth, career advancement, and a level playing field to meet new people. So, if you are still confused about whether to choose a career on this path, read through this article and you have a reason to choose a career in the hospitality industry.

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