How to Complete History Mystery Lesson Objective in FIFA 23

EA Sports is a well-known video game company specializing in sports-related video games. It is an Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) brand responsible for developing and publishing a wide range of sports video games, including popular franchises like FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live, NHL, and more. These games are available on various gaming platforms and have a massive fan base worldwide. EA Sports is renowned for its realistic gameplay, immersive graphics, and extensive features that allow players to experience the excitement of their favourite sports in virtual environments.

history mystery lesson fifa 23

FIFA 23’s World Cup celebrations are at their height due to EA Sports’ recent release of exciting and enjoyable content in conjunction with Black Friday. Along with numerous squads that contain unique cards, there are also a ton of objectives and SBCs (squad-building challenges).

While the public concentrated on the SBC material made available as part of the Black Friday promotion, EA Sports unveiled one of the most original and captivating game objectives ever. The objective, aptly titled History Mystery Lesson, is to test FUT fans’ understanding of football by having them replay some of the most memorable World Cup moments ever.

In FIFA 23, the History Mystery Lesson objective is a captivating objective that allows players to embark on a thrilling journey through football history. As you progress, you’ll encounter various challenges and objectives inspired by iconic matches and players of the past and by completing this objective, gamers can uncover hidden historical players and earn valuable rewards.

This objective has a catch, though: there are no clear instructions on how to proceed or what requirements must be met to complete it. Instead, EA has given fans hazy descriptions to put their understanding of the game to the test. So, to fully enjoy this mode, it’s essential to understand its objectives and know what to do in order to complete them.

Top Tips to Complete History Mystery Lesson FIFA 23

  1. Know Your Football History: Familiarize yourself with significant football events, legendary players, and iconic matches. This knowledge will help you recognize the objectives and their historical context.
  2. Build a Well-Balanced Team: Create a team that includes historical players from different eras and regions. Having a diverse squad will allow you to tackle a wide range of challenges.
  3. Study the Objectives Carefully: Before starting a History Mystery lesson, read the objectives thoroughly. Analyze what is required and plan your approach accordingly.

FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Objectives

All FIFA 23 objectives in the past had specific requirements so that players could jump into games and start working on accomplishing them immediately. The hazy descriptions based on famous World Cup games or moments in the History Mystery Lesson challenges change things. Players must determine how each objective’s clue relates to an in-game obstacle. These puzzles can be challenging to solve, but they become rather simple to finish once you do.

Some of the objectives are

  • The Blow of Maracana
  • Hometown Shocker
  • Pinturicchio
  • A 1950 Miracle of Grass
  • The Heat Battle of Lausanne
  • Somersault
The Blow of Maracana

Description: An international match that shattered a record that has stood the test of time. Replicate the game.

Answer: This goal alludes to the 1950 World Cup Final between Brazil and Argentina, which took place at the Maracana Stadium in front of a record-breaking crowd. In front of 173,850 spectators, Uraguay triumphed 2-1.

Objective: Score twice using players from Uruguay in any mode.

Hometown Shocker

Description: With an astonishing final score that startled the entire world, the host country was eliminated. Recreate this match

Answer: After losing 7-1 to Germany in 2014 and in a humiliating way, the host nation Brazil was eliminated from the World Cup.

Objective: In any mode of FIFA 23, score seven goals in one game.


Description: A berth in the final of the most significant event in the world was secured thanks to this last-second deft goal against the hosts. Recreate the game’s winning goal!

Answer: The late winner by Alessandro Del Piero against Germany in 2006, which enabled Italy to advance to the competition’s final and defeat France, served as inspiration for this.

Objective: In any FIFA 23 game mode, score a finesse shot with an Italian player.

A 1950 Miracle of Grass

Description: Who doesn’t enjoy a good underdog tale? Remember it!

Answer: In one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history, the USA defeated England 1-0 in 1950. While England had legends like Sir Stanley Matthews on the field, the American team consisted of part-timers.

Objective: Win a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team game with a player from the USA.

The Heat Battle of Lausanne

Description: A game with 12 goals in 104-degree heat with two players, one from each team, putting on a spectacular display. What do the two participants share in common?

Answer: This challenge concerns a 1954 game between Austria and Switzerland that ends 7-5. Theodor Wager scored three goals for the winning Austria, and Josef Hugi scored three for the Swiss.

Objective: Score a hat trick while using a player from Austria or Switzerland in the Ultimate Team game.


Description: Only four players—including this player—have scored in each international world competition they have competed in from 2002 to 2014. Reenact the journey.

Answer: Miroslav Klose, a legendary German attacker who later rose to the highest scorer in World Cup history, served as the model for the Somersault challenge.

Objective: Score in four different matches while using a player from Germany.

You have it now! You have all the necessary information to finish the History Mystery Lesson FIFA 23.

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