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Socks and VPNs may work similarly, but they are very different from being the same. The main difference when discussing VPNs is not just about what they do (like changing your IP address) but how they do it. Many articles talk about VPNs, so we wouldn’t be discussing much about VPNs in this article.


A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between you and your destination through a remote server, you get a unique IP address, and all your activities stay behind the encryption wall. Having all our activities and files encrypted is very important because if your data gets into the wrong hands, it can cause enormous damage, compromise records, hijack accounts, and identity theft, to mention a few. With encryption, even if someone were to access that data, a random blend of letters and numbers is all that they will be presented with.


Socks5 in simple words, routes your traffic through a server and assigns a new IP address to it. However, the level of anonymity level here is very low as most of the time, your data isn’t encrypted. But if you are a tech-savvy or own a private server, you can configure it and add a layer of encryption.

VPNs are always preferred to Socks in terms of encryption as it offers system-level protection. It means it covers the whole device with all the applications installed on it, whether the application supports the protocol or not. On the other hand, Socks offer application-level protection, as you will need to configure it individually for each application. VPN also provides a broader choice of servers and geographical regions, while Socks can only work for one geographical area per IP.

So basically, VPN is always our preferred choice, but there are times whereby one wouldn’t be able to afford the flexibility of a VPN or be bothered about the data encryption offered by VPNs. Maybe they wish to mask their IP; it could be for an online forum, streaming, or specific purposes. Socks5 will be a more preferred alternative.

SocksDroid has proven to be one of the best in what it does. Socksdroid is an app that allows you to connect to Sock5 servers. It will enable you to bring your own VPN servers via the app using Android’s VpnService to route traffic from your apps to your specified server. Although the app cannot track you, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you select a VPN server that doesn’t track you too.

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