Threads will soon allow deleting of accounts without losing Instagram

Threads will soon allow deleting of accounts without losing Instagram

Since Thread was launched, it has been the talk of the internet and exceeded expectations. This doesn’t mean that there is not plenty of room for improvement. One of the things that users complained about was the inability to delete a Thread account without also having to lose their Instagram account, which it’s linked to. Recent talks have revealed that Threads will soon allow deleting of accounts without losing Instagram.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently talked about the possibility of deleting your Thread account without losing your Instagram account. He stated that the accounts on both platforms will be one if you sign up for the new app by importing your Instagram data.

He also included that they are working to make this process be handled independently, and this means that later in the future, Thread users will have the option of being able to delete their Thread profile while being able to keep their Instagram account. However, as of the time of writing, we are still determining how long the process will take to be implemented.

Since the launch of Thread, its major flaw has been the inability of users to delete their Thread account without losing their Instagram account. Aside from this, it still needs many features like its competitors; direct messages, post search, feed customization, hashtags, etc.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see that it loses its first wave of users as it is evident that most registered people probably came to see what the network offers and if it will be a suitable replacement for Twitter.

This major flaw is something Meta Executives should have considered before implementation, as it should be evident to them that not all users who imported their Instagram profile to Thread will want to keep using it in the long term.

Meta executives are very active in Threads gathering users’ feedback, which is good news. It will help them know what to add or remove to the platform following their future updates.

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