Xiamoi Redmi 12 Review and Full Specifications

The first thing to note about the Redmi 12 is that its design isn’t unique. All the ports and buttons are in their usual position, and as typical with Xiaomi phones, we have an IR Blaster at the top, which you can use to control some electrical appliances. It has a resolution of 1080p which is sharp and detailed enough when watching videos. While on YouTube, you can watch videos up to 2160p even though it is a 1080p display. It also has an LCD, just like the Spark 10 Pro.

It has a 90 Hertz refresh rate display. By default, it’s on adaptive mode, which makes it switch between 60 Hertz and 90 Hertz, but you can also always choose to have it on a particular figure; 90 Hertz is preferable, but you won’t notice much difference on this device.

The Redmi 12 comes right off the box with Android 13 and MIUI 14. It will be possible to get Android 14 and Android 15 later when Google makes it available. It is a known fact that Redmi doesn’t have an excellent reputation regarding software stability, but it has been peculiar to some particular devices.

The Redmi 12 comes with Helio G88 Processor, and just like the Spark 10 Pro, its performance is decent and should handle multitasking and gaming very well. If you are a heavy user, I recommend getting the 8GB ram variant, which will contribute significantly to a smooth performance.

The Redmi 12 comes with many preinstalled applications that might not be useful to you. So, feel free to uninstall all such applications that don’t trigger your fancy and should help your phone run more smoothly.

The Redmi 12 comes with a 50MP Main and an 8MP ultrawide sensor which means that the photos will be good to some extent. This is because some pictures taken with the main sensor looked really bad, as if the image wasn’t processed. In most cases, the ultrawide sensor seems to have a good HDR quality, but overall, it is a good phone for its price. Videos are capped at 1080p with no stabilization, and in terms of quality, it is bad, and the same goes for the selfie videos.

The Redmi 12 comes with a 500mAh battery, but regardless, its battery life is pretty average for a heavy user, and it isn’t convenient for gamers unless they would have to charge the phone at least twice a day for heavy gameplay. It comes with an 18W charger in the box which isn’t really super fast, but it can fully charge up the device in about 1 hour 30mins.

In summary, Xiaomi took a Spark 10 Pro, copied it, added an ultrawide camera, added MIUI, made it cheaper, and finally created the Redmi 12. Funny Right?

If you have used this device, you can share your thoughts about it in the comment section.

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