Twelve South Airfly Pro Review: An Indispensable Travel Companion

twelve south airfly pro review

The world of air travel can undoubtedly be a source of considerable stress, a sentiment familiar to those who have traversed the intricate labyrinth of airport security protocols. It’s a puzzle, determining precisely when to remove one’s footwear, identifying which electronic devices warrant extraction, and even the fate of one’s snacks concealed within a bag, all before arriving at your designated departure gate.

Now, picture this scenario: After allocating an extra two hours to accommodate the pre-flight rituals, and enduring lines and queues, you finally settle into your airplane seat, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for takeoff. Suddenly, you realize your headphones are incompatible with the in-flight entertainment system. It becomes another item to add to the list of reasons to consider alternatives to air travel.

While some airlines extend the courtesy of providing headphones, it’s noteworthy that a select few still levy charges for this service. So, to mitigate the prospect of enduring hours of boredom and save you from unnecessary expenses on antiquated technology, we introduce a solution: a wireless transmitter that seamlessly bridges the gap between your Bluetooth headphones and devices, necessitating a 3.5mm audio jack.

As an avid traveller and a devoted audiophile, finding the perfect device to enhance my audio experience during journeys has been a perpetual quest. The AirFly Pro, from Twelve South, emerged as a potential solution, promising to bridge the gap between my wireless headphones and various audio sources. For several months, I had the opportunity to put the Twelve South AirFly Pro to the test during numerous travels and everyday scenarios, and the results were nothing short of remarkable.


Upon first encounter, the AirFly Pro’s design is striking in its understated elegance. Its compact dimensions of 57 x 25.5 x 11mm and featherweight of 15.6g make it a pocket-sized marvel. I opted for the sleek white variant, which blended seamlessly with my AirPods and other tech gear. While unassuming, the device’s oval shape conceals a host of capabilities that make it a faithful travel companion.

What truly seals the deal for me is the AirFly Pro’s user-friendly design. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight, so it doesn’t add any bulk when I’m on the move. The button layout is intuitive, and the LED indicators provide clear feedback. Pairing the AirFly Pro with my devices is a breeze – a matter of seconds before I’m immersed in my music or movie.

Another design feature that genuinely impressed me was the key ring storage. It may seem like a minor addition, but it transformed the Twelve South AirFly Pro from a nifty gadget to an everyday essential. I no longer needed to fumble through my bag or pockets to locate it; it was always within reach, ready to elevate my audio experience.

The dual headphone jacks are a fantastic feature for anyone who enjoys sharing their audio experience. When I travel with my partner, we often watch movies on the plane. The Twelve South AirFly Pro allows us to plug in our headphones and enjoy the same audio simultaneously without cumbersome adapters or splitters. It’s a small detail, but it dramatically enhances the overall experience.

Including a USB-C charging port at one end, opposite the 3.5mm connector, is a testament to the device’s practicality. It eliminates the need for specialized cables, ensuring that recharging is swift and convenient. The Twelve South AirFly Pro comes with a soft suede travel bag, a seemingly simple addition that proved invaluable in my travels. It offered protection and ease of access, making the device readily available when I needed it most.


The AirFly Pro’s defining feature is its versatility. It excels in three primary functions, each of which I explored extensively during my testing:

Twelve South Airfly Pro Review

  1. Bluetooth Transmitter: Whether I was on a lengthy flight, in a rental car, or at the gym, the AirFly Pro seamlessly connected my wireless headphones to various audio sources. It effectively eliminated the frustration of incompatible in-flight entertainment systems, allowing me to immerse myself in movies and music easily. This capability alone makes it a must-have for travellers seeking audio freedom.
  2. Aux-In Adapter: Beyond its role as a Bluetooth transmitter, the AirFly Pro doubles as an aux-in adapter. This feature ensured uninterrupted audio during long car rides and intense workout sessions. Regardless of whether I was cruising in a rental car or breaking a sweat on the treadmill, the AirFly Pro ensured that my chosen soundtrack remained crystal clear, enhancing the overall experience.
  3. Multi-Device Connectivity: The AirFly Pro indeed facilitates shared audio experiences. It accommodates the connection of two pairs of AirPods or wireless headphones, making it perfect for couples, friends, or family members who wish to enjoy audio content together. Whether it was watching an in-flight movie with a travel companion or sharing a TV show on my MacBook with a friend during a layover, the AirFly Pro made it effortless.


While features set expectations high, performance is where the AirFly Pro truly delivers. Setting it up was a breeze, even for someone like me who appreciates simplicity. I could power the AirFly Pro and initiate Bluetooth pairing mode with a single button. The small LED light above the button provided clear and intuitive status indicators, ensuring I knew the device’s power and pairing status.

Twelve South Airfly Pro Review

The AirFly Pro adapted flawlessly to various environments. It seamlessly integrates with in-flight entertainment systems during flights, allowing me to enjoy my chosen content without compromise. Volume control was a breeze, whether through the in-flight entertainment menu or my headphone’s built-in controls. The AirFly Pro was designed to simplify the audio experience, allowing me to focus on what truly mattered: enjoying my music, movies, or podcasts.

Battery life is another area where the AirFly Pro excels. Promising an impressive 25 hours of usage on a single charge, it lived up to its claim during my testing. As someone who frequently embarks on long-haul flights, I relied on the AirFly Pro for journeys without recharging. When recharging was necessary, the device’s USB-C compatibility ensured a quick and efficient process. Including a USB-A to USB-C charging cable in the package was a thoughtful addition, ensuring that I could charge the device using readily available power sources, even during flights.

Verdict: An Indispensable Travel Companion

In conclusion, my experience with the AirFly Pro has been nothing short of transformative. It has earned a permanent place in my travel gear, enriching my audio experiences during journeys and everyday life. The AirFly Pro liberates me from the constraints of incompatible audio systems, whether I’m soaring above the clouds or navigating bustling airports.

For anyone who travels frequently and values audio quality, the AirFly Pro is an essential investment. It transcends being a mere gadget; it becomes a conduit to uninterrupted, immersive entertainment. It simplifies audio on the go, making every journey more enjoyable and audio-rich.

If you’re a regular traveller or someone who seeks audio freedom, the AirFly Pro is worth every penny. Bid farewell to the hassles of incompatible audio systems and embrace this remarkable device’s uninterrupted, immersive audio experience. The AirFly Pro is not just a gadget; it’s a ticket to a world of audio liberation.

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