Google Enhances Chrome On Desktop By Introducing a Proactive Safety Check

Google is rolling out several updates to Chrome on desktop this week, aiming to enhance your browsing experience by prioritizing safety and offering more control over your browser’s memory usage.

The standout feature in this update is the introduction of proactive Safety Check. With version 120, launched a few weeks ago, Chrome’s Safety Check on desktop will now operate in the background, sending proactive alerts when it detects compromised passwords in Chrome or identifies malware in an installed extension. Additionally, it will remind users to update Chrome for better security.

Google Enhances Chrome On Desktop By Introducing a Proactive Safety Check

An essential improvement involves Chrome’s Safety Check automatically revoking permissions granted to a site long ago but not actively used. This aligns with Google’s approach to Android permissions and helps prevent unused sites from retaining access to location or microphone features.

Another noteworthy addition is the feature that, when a site sending frequent notifications has low user engagement, Safety Check will prompt users to disable those notifications, restoring a sense of sanity to the browsing experience.

Google is also spotlighting two additional updates to Chrome on desktop. Firstly, an enhancement to Chrome’s Memory Saver mode, providing more information when hovering over a tab and introducing a new setting that simplifies the process of instructing Chrome to keep certain sites active and prevent them from going to sleep.

The second update introduces the capability to save tab groups, a feature that some users cherish and others may overlook. This functionality, set to roll out in the coming weeks, allows users to save tab groups and synchronize them with other desktop devices, enabling a seamless continuation of browsing sessions.

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