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Are you an expert in your field? Do you want to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for us? Then look no further.
At GeeksNG you can rest assured that your post here will get you some needed exposure for your website or business. We are always on the lookout for experienced writers who are passionate about writing tutorials and tips related to News, Jobs, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Technology, Computer, Mobile, Money Making Tips and Gadgets reviews.among others, Why Write for Us?

==> You will get exposure to a targeted dedicated group of readers which comprises of tech experts, bloggers and other non-geeky readers.

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At GeeksNG We accept guest posts as long as it’s related to what we majorly blog about which includes:

– Tech. Tips & Tricks
– Blogging
– Social Media
– Mobile Tips, Tricks & Tutorials
– Computer Tips, Tricks and Internet

  • Mobile
  • Computing
  • DIY Guides and How-to’s
  • Social Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Gaming
  • Internet Security

We may not really accept articles outside these as we tend to keep things moderate. We will contact you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as we may need to go through the post and do some background work on it to determine its authenticity.

Requirements to be an Author on GeekSNG

Our requirements are easy to meet and they are listed below:

  • You must be a good writer
  • You must be able to not only write, but come up with well-researched articles.
  • We do not allow SEO content writers on this blog. If you’re one, please do not register.

Content Submission Rules

In order to ensure the content on this website is of premium quality and benefits our readers, there are just a few rules and guidelines we’ve put in place:

  •  We do not accept posts written solely for the purpose of advertising a product, website or some paid services. If you intend to write a post for advertising purpose, please visit our advertising page or Sponsored page for more info
  • We don’t accept spun articles. We will not approve it if it’s a spun article or copied content. We do not take plagiarism lightly and we will remove your article without notifying you if we later detect plagiarism. You may also get your account deleted for this.
  • You can only add a link or two to your site in the bio
  • We may edit your post and you agree to this.
  • Your post should be above 350 words.
  • It’s hard editing grammatical errors when it’s a little bit too much and your article may be rejected for this.
  • Any link within the article linking back to your site must be relevant to the article. We may remove it if we are not comfortable with it. We do not like affiliate links.
  • After publishing, the article is ours and may not appear anywhere else.

Note: We reserve the right to modify your guest article, before publishing and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this blog or for the niche it belongs to. You can kindly Contact us or send a direct mail to us at for submission.

We sincerely appreciate your interest to contribute to our Blog